Will they go to Harvard or Yale?

A still has a fever of 103. I believe this is day 8. Maybe 9, if you count the fact that she felt hot the day before I first took her temp but just figured I had cold hands as she was acting just fine. On Monday the verdict was random viral thing. But her fever hit 104 at about 11 last night, so I feel like I at least have to call and ask if they need to see her again as a week strikes me as a long time to be running a fever of 103+.

Once I place the call I know we will be headed in as I always seem to get Panicky Nurse who insists I bring my children in to get checked even if I am just calling to ask for the Pedicare dosage. But if I ask specifically to talk with Calm Nurse who actually listens to my opinion, I still end up with Panicky Nurse. Sometimes I wonder why they even bother having nurses screen the calls as I have very rarely had one tell me that I didn’t have to bring my child in.

I honestly think this is one of those really annoying viral things that just won’t go away. The child is sleeping as well (or as poorly) as she always does, drinking up a storm, and eating (when the mood strikes her). Last night she started acting a bit sicker as she actually lay on my lap for an entire Sesame Street (yep, the Dingers are still dinging here Chez J-E). Which may seem like a normal thing to you, but in 18 months A has never once put her head on my lap OR sat still for an entire TV show, so the combo of the two is actually a little disturbing. So hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Dr. S’s we go. We have apparently entered the season during which my children single handedly put my pediatrician’s future children through college. Do you think she’ll invite us to their graduations?



  1. Phantom Scribbler says:

    Um, I hope the pediatrician can figure out what’s causing a week of high fevers. Otherwise, I’m sort of guessing that Harvard and Yale will not be in the cards for her offspring…

    I hope A is better soon!!!

  2. ‘Tis the season.

  3. How frustrating — poor A! I hope the pediatrician has the magic answer for you.

  4. chichimama says:

    Thanks. I wish they could figure it out too. I’m still in the random viral thing camp, the pediatrician seems to be moving towards the strange hidden bacterial thing area.

    It’s one of those times that I wished I believed in throwing antibiotics at every illness, as if it turns out to be a bacterial thing and A could have been better by now I’ll feel really horrid.

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