Welcome M

We’re trying something new here folks. M has read my blog (yeah M!) and decided he wants some input. So look out for some posts from chichidaddy (or whatever he decides to call himself). We’ll see how this goes. I reserve the right to revert back to sole proprietorship.

Welcome to the blogsphere M….



  1. The “0 comments” line looks so sad here and I guess I owe it to my “other husband” to offer up some sort of a welcome, so here’s my official good hospitality post. Looking forward to your contributions. But really, M… “RNC Daddy”????

  2. Thanks, “other wife.” RE: RNC Daddy, I don’t know why I chose that. I panicked and needed a name and the last post from C that I read was the RNC thing. (BTW, after reading that post it ocurred to me that RNC might now stand for Really Need Cash.)

    Happy to change the name – I’ll even take suggestions. Regardless, thanks for the invite to post, C. I promise, this will still be your blog – I won’t co-opt it with my political (or other) rantings. I just thought it would be interesting to add my perspective on the kids on ocassion.

    Now, where’s that checkbook…

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