A’s New Word

A has a new word, “why.” I feel like we didn’t get to the why stage with C until much later. Much, much later. I’m still unclear whether A actually knows what she is saying or is just mimicking C, but every time I make a statement such as “You can’t strip down A, you’ll freeze,” she responds with “Why?”. I now have two children demanding an explanation for EVERY MOVE WE MAKE.

Mommy: “It’s breakfast time!”

C: “Why?”

A: “Huh [A’s version of yes], why?”

Mommy: “Because the clock says it is 7:00.”

A: “Why?”

C: “Yeah, why?”

I’m going to go insane.



  1. Phantom Scribbler says:

    Oh good god. You’re living my worst nightmare. I’m so sorry.

    I’m hoping against hope that Baby Blue will not draw the “why” card until LG starts kindergarten.

  2. Luckily, Mr. P had a quite short phase of that. I hope this one goes quickly for you, too. 🙂

  3. My neice is going through that stage too. It’s mindbloggling. No explanation is good enough. oy vey.

  4. chichimama says:

    Welcome Lucy! It is an awful stage, it really is. C has been in it for a while, with no signs of leaving it. Sigh.

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