A’s Swimming Lessons

Saturday morning is my time with A, which is spent at swimming lessons. She’s missed many of the sessions this round due to her cold the past couple of weeks and our schedules, but with nose (reasonably) dry, and no fever for a change, we ventured out to the Y. We got another 7 inches of snow yesterday, which makes putting your bathing suit on a rather surreal experience, but the Y keeps the pool at about 100 degrees it seems, so once we’re there, it’s actually quite nice.

Anyway, for the past few sessions, she was not making much progress and while she had a blast, I was getting discouraged and thinking maybe we’d just stop doing swim lessons until Spring. Today, however, something must have clicked with her. She was blowing bubbles on demand, kicking (i.e. running) her legs, and “scooping” when asked. I got so bold as to even let go for a sec and she didn’t sink! She even doggie paddled for a few seconds before she started to face plant into the water and I grabbed her. Nothing but smiles from her.

I think we’ll sign up for the next session.


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