I am a good mommy

I broke down and purchased A what she would really want for Christmas if she a) knew it existed and b) understood the concept of Christmas, a singing Wags the Dog. Yes, you read that correctly. I voluntarily brought a loud, obnoxious, plush singing TV character into my home. At least the Hokey Pokey Elmo was purchased by grandparents. But I knew no one but me was buying A the singing Wags the Dog, and I knew that when she sees it come out of the wrapping on Christmas she will be hysterically happy.

I know I will kick myself several times over when I hear that song over and over and over again. And I sincerely hope that Wags will quickly find a home on the top shelf of the bookcase with Elmo. But I just had to see the look of pure joy on her face when she figures out what it is. I should get the mommy of the year award for this one, really I should.



  1. I have almost the exact same feeling about the awful Barbie pony head I am about to buy my daughter for Christmas. I hate it already (although granted, it doesn’t play music), but I know it will make her soooo happy.

  2. Definitely worthy of Mommy of the Year. Taking stock in my head, I don’t think we bought any noisy/annoying gifts for the kids this year. But I’m sure that one of their many aunts and uncles will sneak in something that will make us cringe šŸ˜‰


  1. […] The kids, parenting — chichimama @ 6:22 am When A was one and a half, I, the good mother, bought her exactly what I knew she would love for Christmas, a singing Wags the Dog.Ā  I figured that hey, the Wiggles are a short lived phase, […]

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