A New Low

I reached a new low in my parenting experience today. I walked out on my screaming daughter and ran away to (drumroll please) the grocery store. At nap time I just completely and utterly lost it. The child would not sleep, would not be quiet, would not be rational. I know that expecting rationality from a 19 month old is a bit much, but she has the vocabulary and sentence structure of a rational human being so I find it hard to remember that she is in fact still a very small, just minutes from infanthood, human being.

M was a star today, while I ran away to the grocery store he managed to get her down for a real nap. When I returned he announced that she was 100% my daughter as she is stubborn as they come and likes her back scratched. Go figure. Even C is somewhat amazed by her ability to allude sleep. At bedtime tonight he told me that A was a very sleepy baby, and he didn’t understand why she didn’t like her bed. His suggestion was bumper beds (bunk beds for the uninitiated), but somehow I don’t see those working out quite as he imagined.

Tomorrow is another day. Hopefully one filled with an awful lot less yelling and crying. And hopefully for your sakes I can find a topic other than my daughter’s sleep issues to write about.



  1. Phantom Scribbler says:

    Good luck tonight… I’ll think of you at 2AM, if I should be so lucky as to be delivering “muh” at that hour.

  2. Ugh, sleep issues are the worst. Hope it improves!

  3. Crossing my fingers for a much less eventful night!

  4. Oh, poor you! It’s got to get better soon … right? Around this age, my son wouldn’t nap, either (although we didn’t have the crib transition to deal with). The only way he’d fall asleep was by us driving him around in the car. That got old really fast. Fortunately, he grew out of it. I hope A does, too!

  5. Walking out on your daughter to the grocery store is NOT a low. Shows that you have a lot of control, in my book. We all *need* to step away; when we don’t when we really should? Now *that’s* a low…

    Hang in there.

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