Explain this to me

M’s side of the bed in MUCH closer to the door than mine. Why is it that all of the little visitors at 2,4, and 5 am walk ALL THE WAY AROUND to my side? I figured that when A started making the pilgrimage she would head directly to her beloved Dada, but no, last night I woke up with a start to find her peering into my face commenting on the fact that I had no glasses on.

I just want an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Is that too much to ask for from Santa? I’ll give him my share of chocolate…



  1. Phantom Scribbler says:


    Baby Blue can’t reach the doorknob to her room, so we don’t have nighttime wandering issues, despite her lack of crib. Could you put a baby gate up in A’s doorway or something?

    Though it’s not like I’m getting more sleep just because she can’t leave the room….

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