Save me from the chaos

I cannot bring order back to my home. The new influx of toys have many little parts, and defy organizational logic. I have tossed, moved, tupperwared, stacked, and squished. There are still toys without homes.

Have I mentioned yet that I hate a disruption to my organizational scheme? I go through this after every Christmas and birthday. I think I am instituting a “you bring it into my home you find a home for it” policy. Buyer beware….



  1. Running2Ks says:

    My mom calls that TPO–touch paper once. You have to put it away as soon as you touch it. She used to tell me I had to get rid of old clothes to make way for new ones.

    So, yeah, I can relate 🙂

  2. We’re in the same boat over here. I hadn’t found homes for all of M’s birthday gifts yet (a couple weeks ago), now Christmas, and 5 more nights of Chanukah. We’re in trouble!!

  3. As I sit here and ask myself why the hell I bought a 700 piece Lego set for Mr. Personality, I hear you.

    But I have only myself to blame, so it’s not all that great.

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