I have apparently underrated art

I am sitting at my kitchen table while my children are happily engrossed in art projects. A is scribbling away with purple markers pronouncing her scribbles to be “e” “d” or “a.” C is cutting strips of construction paper and making sculptures with popsicle sticks. I could actually be cooking right now. Except for the fact that it is 9am and nowhere near the dinner hour.

I have clearly been missing out on the benefits art projects could be bringing to my life and need to reevaluate my dislike of all things artsy craftsy.



  1. Running2Ks says:

    Ah a new way to keep the kids busy. That works. I’m always trying to find a way to fit in cooking πŸ™‚

  2. landismom says:

    Mmm, if it didn’t make such a mess, I would let my kids paint every day! Of course, they’d probably get bored of it a lot sooner…

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