Vomit Vomit

As we have not left the house in over a week except to play with another family who had been similarly housebound, I am unclear how we got this one. But there was much vomiting. Even C’s mama hippo wasn’t spared.

I guess we will not be resuming our normal activities tomorrow after all…



  1. Jennifer (ponderosa) says:

    I am so, so sorry! What a terrible winter you’re having.

    For xmas my sister got my kids this thing — it’s a giant piece of material, some special kind that the kids can write on with water. My son uses the waterpen and my daughter uses the paintbrush. They’re good for about 20 minutes with that. Can you cook dinner in 20 minutes? Ha. I’ll try to find the URL for it.

  2. chichimama says:

    This winter is totally payback for laast winter. Last winter we had almost nothing (well, except for the double pneumonia). C didn’t miss a day of school. It’s all karma, I tell you.

  3. Phantom Scribbler says:

    Oh, god, I’m so sorry! Nothing is worse than vomit on the stuffed animals.

  4. Sorry to hear it. Apparently, some nasty stomach bug is all along the east coast, at least, according to our pediatrician it is. M had it on our 10 hour car ride home after xmas, and J had her small bout over the weekend. Hope C feels better soon, and that A doesn’t get it!!

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