At least someone slept

While C puked and whimpered his way through the night, M snored happily on. Not criticizing here, just commenting. I am somewhat in awe of M’s ability to sleep through an almost 4 year old crying hysterically and vomiting 10 feet from his bed.

C has been quiet since about 4am so hopefully we are through the worst of it. At least with him. I am now waiting patiently for the other shoe to drop. A is in the fuggliest, oldest, too small outfit I could find.



  1. landismom says:

    Ugh! Hope your day is better than your night was.

  2. Phantom Scribbler says:

    I hope you dodge that other shoe. Baby Blue never came down with our weekend’s vomiting virus.

  3. My hubby can sleep through anything too. Must be that Y chromosome or something. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  4. I see you were having the time of your life while I was away. Good grief. I hope that everyone gets better soon.

  5. chichimama says:

    Thanks everyone, we seem to be on the med, knock wood. hopefully a nice long nap and then we’ll be good to go tomorrow.

    Tis the nice thing about the tummy bug I suppose.

  6. Ack! How awful. Hope y’all are back to normal soon. As for men’s ability to sleep through anything, from crying babies to church services to loud vomiting, I’ve often thought there’s a research grant waiting for that question (sociological or biological?).

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