Clean up, Clean up

C: “Mommy, the sun porch and the playroom are both really messy. I can’t play anywhere.”

Mommy: “Well, clean one of them up.”

C: “But that will take a long time. I don’t have a lot of time right now.”

Mommy: “Why, what are you doing?”

C: “Being crabby. And a little grumpy.”

Mommy: “I see. Well, even crabby and grumpy people need to clean up.” Pause “Or take naps.”

C: “I think I’ll clean up the sun porch.”



  1. Ooh, you’re good. I’ll have to remember this tactic for when my son gets older!

  2. Very good. See the problem when I try that is that mine goes into a screaming fit and ends up standing in time out screaming that she doesn’t want to clean up.

  3. Running2Ks says:

    Excellent set of choices–I think I said that 5 times today too. LOL!

  4. But being crabby takes up so much energy! I’m surprised he had any left over to clean up toys. Of course, I find it astounding that anyone given the chance to take a nap would not make a beeline for bed. That’s certainly what I’d do!

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