Celebrity Look Alikes

As soon as I saw this over at Phantom’s I had to try. My celebrity look alike list for your amusement. Rebecca, as you know me IRL, this should make you laugh.

Gwyeneth Paltrow (62%)
Maria Sharapova (61%)
Sandra Bullock (60%)
Gillian Anderson (58%)
Madonna (58%)
Kate Winslet (58%)
Ingrid Bergman (58%)
Andie McDowell (57%)
Scarlett Johansson (53%)
George Clooney (50%)

Hey, if you look like George Cloony, how can you go wrong??? Now if only I could have their figures too.

Editted to add: I’ve been having fun with this and it actually picked up my two famous relatives on A’s pic and A, C and I actually had some overlap. Go figure.



  1. How can one look like Sandra Bullock AND Gwyneth Paltrow? They don’t even remotely look alike!

    But Ingrid Bergman, nice!

  2. As I am Steffi Graff, Julia is Shannon Doherty and Evan is Mia Farrow, I am not placing much stock in this site…

  3. Gillian Anderson! I KNEW there was a reason I liked X-Files so much!

    And, um, hon…I’m glad you don’t have George Clooney’s figure…

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