Phew…I Made it!

Chichimama is back! The kids are still alive. I’d say, on balance, we even had a good time. (Did I mention that Chichimama is back!).

Actually, it wasn’t bad and today went well. Church in the AM, kids were well behaved most of the day afterwards and they (thankfully) took long naps. A half hour after they woke up, it was time to head to the airport.

Since I believe that every experience should teach you something, here’s what I learned:

  • I hate markers
  • I hate the Wiggles song and dance mat (or whatever it is). Whoever thought the Wiggles could induce so many arguments between kids?
  • If I want to get C to nap, allow him to throw two or three really good tantrums. (This is still a theory, but I’m going to experiment. I mean, have you ever really paid attention to a tantrum? The calorie burn on a good one must be extraordinary.)
  • It is VERY tempting to let the TV raise the kids.
  • Squeaky floors might add character to a really old house, but they’re a bitch when trying to sneak out of your daughter’s room.

But my biggest takeaway (and I’m going to try to say this without sounding like some squishy, Clinton-esq, easy-to-cry, new-age ’90s man) is that I can appreciate how difficult it is to raise the kids and run a household day in and day out. Chichimama, you do a great job and I thank you!

And thanks to everyone’s words of encouragement!


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