Tis the season

…of the never ending illnesses. I feel like we have been sick more days than healthy this year. Do you think it is a reflection on how infrequently I vacuum?

A has had a cold for a week that continually seems on the verge of going away, but it has been over a week and it is still here. C now seems to be developing the same cold, which means at least another week of this nonsense. Although he insists, while huddled under blankets on the couch clutching a box of tissues and coughing up a lung, that he doesn’t want to miss school.

It’s raining. No one (including me) is feeling quite right. I don’t think he is going to school. I am sure A is not headed to her morning with the lovely ladies at Mothers Morning Out. And I will not be crawling back into my bed for a much needed two hour nap.

Are we sure that the groundhog saw his shadow?


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