“It’s going to be a bloodbath” were the real estate agent’s parting words this morning. Apparently nine, count them nine, people now think that our dream house is also their dream house. And they are still showing the house until 6pm today, so who knows how many more people will conspire to take away the house that is so clearly supposed to be ours.

I shouldn’t have gone back in to see it today. Or told a close friend who lives three blocks over we were bidding on it, as her visions of walks and park meet-ups and easy kid-swaps painted way too wonderful a picture.

I’m a nervous wreak. I’m not cut out for a bidding war. And C is under the impression that we have already bought the house and has picked out his room, designated corners for all of his toys in the playroom, and announced exactly where a swingset will go.

The next 24 hours are going to be a living hell.

Update: The bid is in. I guess we hear tomorrow if we are in on round two(yes, at least two rounds of this nonsense). C started packing at quiet time today. It’s going to be ugly if we don’t get the house….


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