Snow Day

At 8pm last night I got “the call” from C’s preschool; school has been cancelled. As I squinted outside to see if it had started snowing again without my knowledge, I was a bit confused. I mean, it had stopped snowing at 1pm or so. Everyone should have been shoveled out by this point. The road, while still snow covered, was passable as evidenced by the numerous cars headed down the street. And we were talking 12 hours longer for the crews to plow one more time. The town isn’t THAT big…

Clearly, I am no longer in New England. And I am definitely not in upstate NY where school was only cancelled once. I could understand if we were in the south someplace. But it’s not like we never get snow here; there is at least one big storm and many little storms a year in our area. And this one happened on a weekend. Clearly I am missing something; perhaps it will become clear when I actually head outside and try to make it to the grocery store with two children in tow.

I’m actually kind of glad school was cancelled as it means I got a few days reprieve on the execution of a Valentine’s day craft. And M is thrilled because he didn’t have to stay home this morning to watch A as I made a fool out of myself with glue and scissors. It’s really just the principle of the thing…snow days should happen when it is still snowing outside.


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