Early morning blogging

This is one of those mornings that pre-kids I might have been pleased to be up at 4:30 am. The sky was just starting to get light, a light rain was falling, and there was an early spring chill to the air that smelled just right. As I sit here typing, the cats are still sleeping, it is too early to start laundry or chores, and I have my steaming cup of decaf French vanilla coffee sitting by my laptop.

Five years ago I would have snuggled under a blanket and watched the sun come up, or headed out to the bagel store to pick up coffee and breakfast. Or just taken a quiet walk around the city, watching the world wake up (or go to bed). I might have crawled back into bed around seven or eight and taken a quick snooze, or snatched the New York Times as soon as it hit the rug outside our apartment door.

This morning however, there is no city to go explore on foot, only suburban sprawl. While I am snuggled under a blanket, there is also a small child watching Blues Clues squirming around on my lap making typing a challenge. My New York Times subscription has been cancelled because I was never able to even skim the front page. And there will certainly be no return to bed to catch up on sleep lost.

At least I will be able to go get bagels once C is up…but somehow that’s not quite enough today.


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