Baby Blues

C: “Mommy, when is the new baby coming?”

Mommy: (sputter sputter, snort) “Uh, what new baby C?”

C: “Our new baby of course. A is big now, and so am I, so it’s time for a new baby.”

Mommy: “Uh, there will be no new baby C. You and A are it.”

C: “Oh, I thought we bought the new house because there was going to be a new baby and it would need a room.”

Mommy: “No, we bought the house so Nana and Grandpa S and Grandma and Grandpa J and Grandma and Grandpa E would have a room to sleep in instead of the living room. And so you and A would have a nice playroom near the kitchen. And so Daddy could have an office to work in instead of going to the city every day.”

C: “Huh. I guess I got it all wrong at preschool then.”

No wonder the teachers were all excited for us when I picked C up. I thought it was all a little over the top for a new home.


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