So not that I am offended at all or anything, but the Parents Association of C’s preschool is apparently looking for a new member to replace an outgoing parent. I’ve had three different mommies tell me they have been approached to take the position but turned down the job. No one has approached me to ask if I wanted to join. After I volunteered to organize the best. spring. carnival. ever.

Perhaps it wasn’t actually the best. spring. carnival. ever. and people were just being nice. Perhaps I am actually a lousy person to work for or was too bitchy about the whole thing. Perhaps no one actually wants me and my children in attendance at their meetings. But I bring coffee! And sometimes donuts! Goldfish for the kids!

And now that all these people have TOLD me that they have turned it down, if someone actually asked me to join, I would know that I was the bottom of the barrel pick. “Oh, I guess we’ll have to ask that J-E girl. I mean, who else is there?” I’m being petty, aren’t I? I mean, who cares if one gets invited to join the PTA, right? The whole point of stepping off the career track was to not get caught up in such things anymore. So why do I feel like I am back in high school gym standing against the wall praying that I’m not the last person picked?


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