Six more things about me

A long, long time ago I promised HeatherJ a meme on six things about me. Not six weird things, just six things. Which you would think would be easier than the six weird things, but after revealing 100 things about me not so long ago, finding six more that weren’t redundant or boring was a bit of a challenge. Especially since those of you who have been reading along for a while know the pseudo-interesting ones, like that I grew up on a farm or that A’s insomnia can be tracked right back to me, or that I stink at arts and crafts activities. And those of you who are newer, well, I’ve just caught you up. But without further ado, here are six more….no guarantees.

1) I’m addicted to Diet Coke. These days it is caffeine free Diet Coke, but I still drink several a day. I know it is supposed to give you cancer, and my MIL is convinced that it is the reason for all of my heart and other health issues, but it is the one vice I have left. Well, that and my glass (or two) of wine after the kids go to bed, but really, that’s medicinal. It’s either the wine or a whole bunch of tranquilizers, and hey, they claim wine is good for the heart. So I went with wine.

2) I don’t relax well. I keep trying spa weekends, massages, yoga, yadda yadda yadda, but I just end up feeling antsy and making snide comments to myself as I sit there pretending to be relaxed. Like “Explain to me again why having a total stranger rub my shoulders is supposed to be relaxing?” Or “Ommmmmm, ommmmmmm, Hmmmm. All this ommmmming is a bit like drinking the koolaid, you know? Do people actually lose themselves in the ‘ommmmm’?” So we come back to the glass (or two) of wine as my preferred relaxation technique.

3) I do believe in pedicures. By professionals. I don’t relax when getting them, but I feel strongly that my toes must be a shade of pink or red at all times. Perhaps it is because I have huge feet and I think that the colored toes will distract from the fact that at 5’2″ I wear a size 9 and 1/2. I also believe in eyebrow waxing. I’ve given up the manicures, however. There seemed to be no point since 20 minutes later I was inevitably digging in the dirt or scraping off grilled cheese goo and finger paint with my nails.

4) I love to bargain shop. Even when I can afford to pay full price I refuse to do so. And have frequently missed out on something I really wanted because it was sold out by the time the sales hit, but I can’t help myself. I also feel the need to tell everyone about my bargains. In fact, I’ll share with you my bargain of the summer, and it is not even Memorial Day! These shoes, retailing for $80 and I got them on eBay for less than $30. Because really, how many women with a size 9 and 1/2 foot shop for shoes on eBay? Aren’t they cute? Incredibly comfortable too.

5) I’m looking forward to being a soccer mom. Not for the reasons one might think, but because it will be someone else’s responsibility to run my kids into the ground and tire them out while I sit on the sidelines and cheer. Or try to sneak in a few pages of my book. My kids seem to need much more physical activity than I have the energy to provide in the backyard or playground. Which is why we have signed up for so many sporting activities. But since my participation is still required at most of them, it’s still exhausting. And yet, they still don’t sleep.

6) I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, besides being a soccer mom that is. And I don’t really think that’s a lucrative career. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, please feel free to share. I figure I still have a few years before A hits first grade, but I should probably start working on a plan now. If only to keep myself sane…

So there you go. Six sort of new things about me. I won’t subject anyone else to a tag on this one since it took me so long to get around to it you’ve all probably done it, but if you haven’t done it yet and you want to do some introspection, go for it!


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