Off to the farm

We’re off on a whirlwind trip to Nana’s for the wedding of my sister’s best friend, who spent so much time at here house I call her my “other” sister. I even purchased a new dress for the occasion. With a gift card so as not to break the fragile J-E piggy bank….

The kids will not be attending the wedding, so my dad and my step-mom will be watching the kids at Nana’s. Which led to an interesting conversation with C about family relationships. When I told him that Grandpa J would be coming to Nana’s, he started freaking out because Grandpa J didn’t know Nana. Why that was an issue, I was a little unclear, but I stupidly launched into an explanation of how Nana and Grandpa J were mommy’s real mommy and daddy, and that they used to both live at the farm. That led to a long awkward pause, during which I frantically searched my mind for ways to calm C if he put two and two together and asked if his daddy was ever going to leave. But thankfully his mind didn’t head that direction and he just seemed pleased to know that Grandpa J would know how to find the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Anyway, no real point to that story except to say I probably won’t be around much this weekend but will be able to regal you all with tales of a long, long drive back home with two children by myself as M is flying out to a conference from the wedding on Sunday. Yeah! Can you see the happiness in my face as I contemplate several hours of sibling bickering and Laurie Berkner? Perhaps this will be the drive during which I convince the kids that the car is a no crying zone…


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