I took A into the ped’s office this morning, and we were seen by a colleague of our regular doctor who I have seen a few times with C, but obviously doesn’t know my children at all. As she watched A climb up and around all the furniture in the room, sing her three different versions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and demonstrate her jumping prowess, the pediatrician asked “And you brought her in why?” I explained about the blood dripping out of A’s tushie, and the explosive diarrhea as we traveled down the eastern seaboard. She examined A dubiously, and found nothing to be wrong. Which I could have told you would happen, because my children are never actually sick when I take them to the pediatrician’s. But I always feel obligated to take them as the one time I didn’t take them in it turned out several days later that they had double pneumonia.

So we were sent on our way with poop collecting vials, and I was instructed to scoop the poop only if more blood appeared in her next stool. So I waited, and waited, and waited some more. I gave her juice, and fruit. Still no poop. Finally she deposited a miniscule amount into the potty, and I had the joy of trying to determine whether it was blood tinged or not. I finally went with not, but am awaiting another poop of regular proportions to pronounce her blood free.

So, thank you all for your concern and well wishes, but at the moment it looks like one of those things, and yet again I feel like a stupid over-reacting mommy for bringing my child in when in fact she was not sick. But there was blood! In her poop! I swear! I think that’s worthy of a visit, don’t you?


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