Tomorrow we leave for a week down the shore on vacation. The first of two beach vacations this summer. And I have not even started packing. I have not even thought about packing. I have no idea what I am packing. And what am I doing instead of packing for my trip? Packing winter coats and boots into boxes. Because, you know, my house isn’t selling because the closets have, gasp, coats in them.

I suppose today I need to think about packing. Oh, and grocery shopping, because God forbid we discover that the grocery store local to our destination does not have the right brand of yogurt or mac and cheese. And I guess I should start in on the mountain of laundry too. Going on vacation seems like a lot more work than it used to be back in the day when it involved fruity drinks delivered to a beach chair…

I believe M is bringing the wireless modem, so you may see me sporadically this week. But that assumes that the card actually makes it from the in-laws apartment to my car, which requires an awful lot of transfers in and out of briefcases. And I suppose there is a chance that some idiot doesn’t have their network secured. One summer M actually drove around Nantucket until he found an unsecured network so he could log into the office…fun times, fun times.

Anyway, if you don’t hear from me, have a lovely week, and if it rains, you’ll hear me wailing in the distance.


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