So I went AWOL yesterday, and am actually now at Nana’s installing the children into the care of loving grandparents before I take off tomorrow for the wedding of close college friend and Groomzilla. I would tell you about the long, long drive with two children, by myself, but really, I am sure your imaginations can fill in the details. All I have to say is, my friend who loaned me the portable DVD player and the longest Dora the Explorer DVD known to man is the nicest, loveliest person on earth and will be receiving gifts befit a queen, or at least a hand-delivered Starbucks, upon my return. I should have whipped that thing out before we left the driveway instead of waiting until the end of the trip.

Oh, and as I bog, the nice people on CNBC are currently telling me all about the real estate bust. Yes, we apparently bought the new house at the top and are on our way to selling the old one at the bottom. Life is grand. At least I have a an occasion to wear my very cute summer dress again. That has to count for something, right?

I’ll be returning to my regularly scheduled blogging activities next week sometime.


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