T-Minus 24 hours

We are now T-minus 24 hours until we officially begin collecting our real estate empire. In sheer desperation to find the humor in it all, M and I have started pointing out other houses for sale and suggesting that they too should get added to our housing options. While deep, deep inside I am excited about the new house, that excitement is seriously dwarfed by the deer like panic that has taken superseded my normally high anxiety level. To top it all off, my closest friend is currently plotting a move to London, and my grandmother is declining quickly again.

So, forgive me if you see some hysterical tears streaking your computer screen. Yesterday I burst into tears at the grocery store because I couldn’t find the right brand of toilet paper. And then once I finally found it, I burst into tears again when I realized we buy the most expensive toilet paper known to man. When faced with the decision to buy the expensive toilet paper or select a new brand that might give us all tushie burn, I burst into tears for a third time and finally left with no toilet paper at all because it was just getting embarrassing.

Oh, and in my infinite wisdom and love of self-torture, I decided to potty train A AND host a BBQ this weekend. Anyone have a good chicken marinade recipe? And any suggestions for cheap yet soft toilet paper with which to stock the bathroom in our new home? Because it’s getting desperate over here folks, and I don’t dare risk returning to the store without a plan in hand to conquer the toilet paper aisle…


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