It is all about the sales, stupid

I think the thing that is killing me most about owning two homes right now, beside the “Oh my God, I will NEVER be able to save for retirement/private school/college/weddings” factor is the fact that I am missing out on the summer sales. Because, you know, everyone needs to start buying boots and mufflers in July. There will be no need for tee shirts and shorts in August or September…and if your child happens to hit a growth spurt or you know, color on themselves in non-washable marker, well, it’s almost winter, right?

Anyway, I have decided to share with all of you all the bargains I have found, so at least someone can reap the rewards.

First up, for the boys in your life, (and this one is good for fall too!) a long sleeved rugby by Polo in orange, white and blue. Originally $49.50, it can now be yours for only $19.99. Sizes are going fast, I think we are down to 2T and 3T. But it would look great on Evan!

Also from Polo, a color-blocked fleece hoodie. Available in blue or kelly green, in sizes, 2T, 3T 6 and 7 at last check. SO cute. And again, originally $55, yours for $19.99. For the girls at Polo, this pretty ribbed tank, in a variety of sizes and colors for only $9.99. If you prefer a tank with a wider shoulder, here is a nice one, still $9.99 and lots of color choices. Or this basic long-sleeved shirt. A steal (for Polo at least).

Unfortunately, we have missed the Mini Boden and Hanna Andersson sales, everything of interest flies off those sites within hours of getting the email. But sign yourself up both places so you don’t miss the winter sale, especially Mini Boden, their stuff is adorable, washes well, and the sales are great. I’m not a huge Hanna person, but others love their stuff, it is all a matter of taste.

Over at Gymboree, my personal favorite for boy summer clothes, they are at their 40% off sale right now. In a week or two it should be 60%, but the selection gets progressively smaller at each price point. With Gymboree, you have to play a guessing game as to what will sell out on which sales. I have gotten screwed more than once, so the stuff I really want I tend to get at 40%. Anyway, with no further ado, here are my picks.

A version of these shorts were C’s favorite last year. $9.99 in a variety of colors. And lots of sizes left, so my guess would be that you could wait until the 60% off sale. But don’t quote me on that. C LIVES in these shorts this year, I actually bought them early in the season with a promo code, and he wears them as fast as I can wash them. A bit heavy for the dead of summer, in my opinion, but he begs to differ. Only available in 2T and 3T for $8.99, so if you want them get them now. I love the color combo on this shirt for $7.99. Lots of sizes left. This orange and brown one would be great for early fall to replace all the summer stained shirts…

I am less of a fan of Gymboree for girls, I find it rather frilly and cutesy. But my sister swears by these shorts ($9.99) for Baby C. There are other colors available if you look around the shorts section. That is what I hate about Gymboree’s site, you have to dig through to find the color options because they group by line instead of style…I also think these shorts are adorable at a rather pricey $13.99, although I don’t know how comfortable. And we are all about comfort here at Chez J-E.

Here is a winter bargain alert for you. If your second missed the sizes on your older ones winter boots, or you need to by for your first, Lands End overstocks has some serious deals on boots right now, if you don’t mind some funky color combinations. Take these boots, only $14.99 if you like orange (which we do). And these are only $9.99, but only go up to size 8. And this long sleeved shirt is adorable for $6.99. C wore a Lands End small last year, but he is on the tall side.

Ah, I could go on, but it is time to start my day and think about breakfast for the troops. Enjoy, and think of me as you shop the sales this year….

Whoops, I almost forgot something for the grownups! These flip flops from Old Navy are the most comfortable, ever. I used a credit to buy myself a pair and I live in them. Only $4.99! How can you go wrong???


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