Grand Ambitions

We leave shortly for the great trek to Nana’s in Maine. Have I started packing? Cough, cough, sputter. I have a list…in my head…. Actually, M has graciously agreed to take tomorrow AM off to watch the kids while I pack, so for once I’m not running around like a chicken. But I DO need to get on making those lists…

Anyway, pre-kids vacation planning was all about how many books I thought I could get through. And I always underestimated and ended up having to make a bookstore run. Which was no great sacrifice, trust me. But now, my lists include things like “sippy cups, loveys, DVD’s, swim diapers, oh, and how about the new O magazine?” I think on my last two trips to Maine I have gotten through a total of two books. Over two years. And I finished both of them at home once vacation was over. In October I think.

This year, I decided to avoid the bookstore trip and head to the library. Now that I can keep books out for a month at a time, I can actually take library books on vacation without buying them with the late fines. And I figure I can be more ambitious about my reading list because I won’t feel guilty about spending the money on the books and then not reading them. So after quiet time today we will be heading to the library to stock up. Which means I need to get online and reserve some books because it’s not like I will get to do any browsing with the kids in tow.

I’m still not quite sure when I’ll get the reading in, but this year I am much less tired than I was during the last two years, so perhaps I will choose to use my Nana time to read instead of sleep. Or perhaps A and C will start napping again (yeah, right). Regardless, I’m at least going to try to ramp up my reading level again. I’m aiming for finishing a book a week. A gal has to have dreams you know…


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