At last

We finally arrived in Maine late yesterday afternoon. The vacation started out with a bang as I made it here in an all-time (with kids) record, even with the hour-long stop for lunch that included the purchase of a Happy Meal for Julia (which I had to eat as, alas, she is not here) because the toy du jour was a Polly Pocket and “Julia LOVES Polly Pocket Mommy…”

Upon our arrival, we quickly headed to the beach and I discovered that, unlike prior visits when every trip to the beach was a major workout, this year I might actually be able to use that beach chair I insist on shlepping back and forth “just in case” and supervise from a seated position. After a quick dip we had supper, and both children were deposited into bed in the same room. Which meant I actually got to put on pajamas with the lights on instead of tripping over a pack-n-play or blow up bed in the dark. “Ahhh, this is the life” I thought to myself.

Then, of course, today it all fell apart. A has decided that she doesn’t want to share with Cousin C, and that the mere sight of Cousin C is reason to cry and clutch all of her belongings and sob “Stay AWAY! MINE!” To which Cousin C nicely responds “Share? Nice? Share?” And I discovered the problem with having both children sleep in the same room is that it makes the sham of a quiet time I still enforce virtually impossible. And the noise they make wakes Cousin C, who sleeps 7 to 7 and takes a 2+ hour nap every day.

But, tomorrow is another day. One that involves sand and water and perhaps even a cup of coffee while sitting in a beach chair. Because I’m all about the beach chair this year.


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