Be careful what you ask for…

A and C like to play a game they call “puppy.” They take turns pretending to be a dog while the other tries to walk the dog, feed the dog, wash the dog, etc. I spend most of the game reminding them that “We will never, ever, have a dog. You know that, right kids?” But in general, I’m a big fan of puppy because it keeps them both happy and playing with each other for long periods of time.

Today puppy took an unexpected turn. C started asking A “Are you going to bite me puppy? Sometime puppies bite you know.” I quickly pulled C aside and explained to him that if he kept asking A if she was going to bite him, eventually she probably would. After nodding agreement, back he went to playing puppy. “A, are you going to bite me? Sometimes puppies bite you know…” Seeing where this was headed, I put a premature end to puppy.

But a few hours later, I hear a yelp from the playroom as I am starting yet another load of skunky laundry. “Mommmmyyyyy! A BIT me!” wailed C. “I asked her if she was going to bite me, and then she DID!”

I have to say, I was torn. While A lost her ability to choose the TV show after dinner and a serious talking to about the evils of biting, I really just wanted to shrug my shoulders and tell C that he had it coming to him. I mean, what did he think was going to happen?


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