So long and thanks for all the sushi

While Rebecca and I had planned on saying a last goodbye this afternoon, life got in the way and instead of a tearful in-person farewell, our last conversation for a while was a flurry of “I need Joyce’s phone number” and “Don’t forget to get the brisket out of the freezer after we leave” via cell phone. I actually think it was better that way. After our last take-out sushi binge last night I cried enough tears to send their “by boat” container halfway across the Atlantic, and probably would have sent it the rest of the way this afternoon had we had our last exchange of hand-me-downs and hugs.

So in lieu of a tearful farewell, I hope your flight was safe, I hope Evan didn’t fly the Business Class coop, and good luck on the school interviews next week. You know where to find me if you need me.


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