Bullets of forgetfulness

  • Today I got the November issue of a cooking magazine tooting the joys of roast turkey. I also received a reminder from my dentist of an appointment in November. I’m sorry, am I missing a month or two here? Last I checked it was early verging on mid-September. If the dentist thinks his reminder will do me any good, he will be unpleasantly surprised when I don’t show up on November 14th. In fact, I bet none of you will remember to remind my on November 13th of my appointment on the 14th.
  • To prove my utter inadequacy in the remembering things department, I dragged C to the pool today for his second swimming lesson of the fall. I sent him in, the swimming teacher gave me an odd look and sent him back out again. “Uh, Chichimama? You missed his lesson. It was half an hour ago.” See? If I can’t remember the one activity I have my children signed up for in a week there is clearly no way I will remember an appointment seven weeks from now.
  • I went to the grocery store twice today and both times managed to forget honey, the one item we really needed because my children will only eat things dipped in honey right now. Chicken in honey, grilled cheese in honey and, get this, Cherrios in honey. Do y’all think I should just break down and buy the sugar cereal? Cause it would probably be a lot cheaper.
  • I can’t seem to remember the name of one of C’s teachers and C refuses to tell me. I know it begins with an F, but is it Flynn? Fowler? Fluffer-Nutter? Who knows? Apparently not me. And, in my defense, she was a last minute switch in for another teacher whose name began with an F so I spent the whole summer thinking her name was something else.
  • While I am on the topic of names, do you know how many women I know in this town and can’t for the life of me remember their names? They tell me, I forget, then they know my name and I am too embarrassed to ask theirs again. Please tell me I am not the only one. I generally remember their child’s name, does that count for something?
I’m sure there are more bullets of forgetfulness, I just can’t remember them.

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