Yesterday the kids and I had a fabulous meet up with Suzanne (Mimilou) and Liesl (Come, Mommy). It was everything a bloggy meetup should be. Good company, well behaved kids, and good conversation.

Liesl was as wonderful as ever, and Suzanne bears such a resemblance to Rebecca that threw me for quite a loop. So Suzanne, please forgive me if I kept staring at you, because it was a bit odd knowing that you weren’t really her with shorter hair.

I have to say that I was not at my finest conversation-wise, and kept getting sidetracked by random thoughts such as “Damn, did I call the floor guy back?” and “Boxes, I need more boxes. Must get boxes.” But as Rebecca consoled me this afternoon via my favorite thing ever, Skype, I can be rather flaky and do tend to ramble on incoherently, so hey, you got to see the real me. I still felt bad that I couldn’t quite wake up enough from my moving induced fog to follow a conversation through to the end and to ask the pressing questions weighing on my mind such as “How DO you manage to finish a book let alone write about it” and “What did you think of Little Earthquakes because I just found it unread in my bedside table?” Or for Liesl, “How was Gran-Gran’s visit” and “How are the new ferrets settling in?”

Anyway, thanks again, sorry for the flake-factor, and I hope we can do it again! Maybe y’all can shlep up to the new house, if I ever make it in there without being institutionalized someplace.


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