Trick or Wait

We seem to be spending our Halloween waiting around the house. The furnace is still being installed, we are still waiting for the exterminator to come get rid of the bees, and we are waiting for M to arrive home so the festivities can begin.

I can’t say I am complaining, as Halloween ranks up there with Valentines Day in my book of least favorite holidays, but it IS a nice day and it would have been a good park or bike day. On the upside, I have gotten a lot of knitting done on Christmas presents for various nephews and nieces.

I also hope we gets lots trick or treaters, as if I have to eat all this candy, I will never ever fit into my skinny jeans ever again. Although I did hide the Kit Kats in the emergency stash.

Happy Halloween to everyone!


Guilty pleasure

While I was still in the workforce, one of my guilty pleasures was taking a day off and sitting on the couch in the morning watching the Today Show, Regis and what’s her name, and Rosie. I would sip coffee and hot chocolate while still in my pajamas, and relish in being a couch potato. I would never admit that this was how I spent my vacation day, especially when I was working at the university. But I would plot and plan my vacation days to include at least a few of these a year, preferably during the holiday season.

In recent years my days off have been few and far between (really, nonexistent) and the few hours that I may have without both kids in two are generally spent racing around town accomplishing all the things that are a pain to do with kids. But tomorrow, both children will be in school until 11:45. I am going to be trapped in the house while the furnace gods install my new furnace and the exterminator gets rid of the bees swarming our attic. And I have every intention of being one with my couch and the Today Show, followed by Regis and what’s her name and the first half of Ellen. I have my favorite mug sitting on the counter already, and am stocked up on decaf coffee and cocoa. I can’t wait. Although I think for everyone’s sake I will be in my jeans.


So I have three posts going right now that I can’t seem to finish. I have somehow developed a blogging perfectionism complex, which is seriously hampering my ability to click the publish button. So I’ll save myself the agony and just sum things up for you.

  • The clock change is kicking our respective tushies. I didn’t do my usual planning, which generally involves weeks of gradually shifting bed and mealtime, so we had to go cold turkey on Sunday. The results have not been pleasant. A has been trying to put herself to bed since about 4:30 this afternoon.
  • Our new furnace is arriving at 8am tomorrow morning. Just in time for the heat wave we are expecting. 70 degrees in November? You have got to be kidding me. But I suppose I will be very grateful to the nice men come Friday, when it isn’t supposed to make it out of the 40’s.
  • I fully expect to be whining about some illness to be named later early next week. Our run of bad luck coupled with drastic weather shifts will inevitable lead to illness.
  • I need to start menu planning again. I hit the grocery store every single day last week, and still had issues pulling together a decent dinner. But we have expanded the kids’ dinner repertoire to include spaghetti and meatballs. Or at least spaghetti. Both kids claimed they loved the meatballs, but somehow they were all full after picking through and eating every strand of spaghetti.
  • C’s Monday Morning News today was that babies come out of mommies’ vaginas. I told you I was going to be the mommy who got called out for teaching the preschool set about the birds and the bees. I have yet to get a phone call, but it is only a matter of minutes, I am sure. Thank goodness for caller id.
  • Another close friend is headed off to England. I’m starting to think that it’s me.
  • Speaking of dinner, I have to go figure out what I am serving M tonight. I think it will be quick shrimp broil, if I can find the frozen shrimp I swear are in the freezer someplace.

I need a karma infusion

OK, so now I’m laughing. A maniacal, verging on “commit me” laugh. Just as I was putting dinner on the table for the kids, I got a phone call from a former neighbor asking if I knew that there was a car wrapped around the tree in the front lawn of our old house. Uh, no. No, I didn’t. And really, I didn’t want to know. A car. Abandoned. On the property of a house we are trying to sell. Several shrubs. Toast. Several paver stones. Scattered around the lawn. Several tire gouges. Imbedded in the lawn and stone drive. No, I didn’t need to know any of that.

Several hours later, I am in the possession of a case number that will grant me access to a police report that may or may not be ready by next Tuesday. Once we have the police report, we can pursue an insurance claim, assuming that the owner of said car had insurance. Until then, I wish the real estate agent luck in trying to convince people to buy the house. Would YOU buy a house that is a car magnet? Yeah. I didn’t think so.

I don’t know what else to say. I really don’t. So I think I am just going to keep laughing that maniacal laugh until someone commits me. Because really, I’m starting to think that a little pharmaceutical intervention might be in order.

Date Night

There is a rocking date night planned here at Chez J-E. Some dinner, some wine, and two laptops crunching numbers trying to figure out how much money we will lose renting the old house versus how much we will lose by reducing the price yet again. Ahhh. Romance at its finest.

Overheard at Preschool Pickup

At preschool pick-up today…

C’s Teacher: “He’s a real pistol, isn’t he?”

Chichimama: “Ummm…”

C’s Teacher: “He has a VERY active imagination.”

Chichimama: “Yes he does.”

C’s teacher: “Well, have a good weekend then.”

Chichimama: “You too…”

So, consensus. Do you think being a “real pistol” is a good thing or a bad thing? I was a little unclear.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog

Blogger beta did bad, bad things to haloscan. Thank God for that revert button. I think I will get myself a phantom blog to try and figure this out.

For now, enjoy the old look :-).

Don’t get used to it

Please excuse the blog look. I made the HUGE mistake of starting this in the am while the kiddos were up. This is NOT the look I was going for, but now I have to go make breakfast. So I’ll have to regroup at bedtime. Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to ignore the fact that I have no heat.

I swear this will never, ever be funny

You know how the furnace guy was coming today to do the annual furnace inspection? And I made that joke about a furnace older than I am? Turns out, the furnace actually IS older than I am. By a lot. And that furnace? Kicks carbon monoxide into the house. And those carbon monoxide alarms I bought? They don’t seem to work. I guess the upside is that my miserly ways saved us all from carbon monoxide poisoning. The downside? We are going to be very cold for the next several days and we have to buy a new furnace and carbon monoxide detectors.

Oh, and the hot water heater? It’s, well, not so hot. But we might get a year out of it. Or it might croak tomorrow. God, I just LOVE home ownership.

The only way is up

So apparently, I have been wrong for years. Or else I have grown an inch over the last few decades. At my physical today, my doctor informed me that I am actually 5’4″! Which means that technically, I don’t have to lose weight after all as I am barely on the right side of normal according to the BMI chart. Go me! Now where is that Halloween candy?

I have to tell you, that really perked me up. Of course, it still doesn’t explain why I still need to hem petite jeans, but we won’t go there.