Menu – Week Three

Well, I stuck to the menu last week, but something went slightly wrong with each meal. Oh,, and then there was the incident with the cat and the chicken that required M to make an emergency trip to Trader Joe’s on the way home from the train, but we won’t go there….Perhaps this week I can stick to the menu AND actually successfully complete a meal (cough, cough, sputter, sputter).

Sunday – Maple-Mustard Pork Tenderloin and Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Monday – Caribbean Sweet Potatoes and Black Beans (using leftovers, double bonus points!)

Tuesday – La Bamba Casserole

Wednesday – Spinach and Cheddar Quiche, Caesar Salad

Thursday – Leftovers Night (more bonus points!)

Friday – Tilapia Filets with Cilantro Butter, steamed veggies and rolls

Saturday – Whatever I get served at my cousin’s wedding!


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