BB Pellets for the early am

  • We all have a low grade sniffle and cough. Which sounds suspiciously like it is going someplace. I so hate it when you have a few days warning that illness is descending. Like the time I got the phone call from a friend about the fact her son had thrown up on C on a playdate. That was a fun time.
  • You want to know how I know the cold is going someplace? Because it is 65 degrees in my house, and I keep shivering and wanting to turn the heat on. AND I am wrapped in my fluffy blanket.
  • This is why I hate the fall and winter months. The constant wait for the next illness. Because as soon as you are over one, you just know there is another waiting in the wings.
  • I have no long-sleeved tee shirts. Before the move, I purged my closet and figured I would replace all of my ratty clothes at Old Navy, and then when I actually went there, there were no plain old tee-shirts to be found. None. There were sparkles and cowl necks, and these strange gathered things that I can’t imagine would look good on an almost 35 year old, but no plain old tee shirts.
  • On the upside, while linking to all those fashion disasters, I DID find plain old tee-shirts on the website.
  • On the downside, tomorrow the furnace guy is coming to inspect the furnace. And I’m not buying any tee shirts until then, because the furnace is many, many years older than I, and if my doctor insists that I am middle-aged, then I can only imagine what my furnace will be called. Hopefully not toast.
  • I still can’t find the camera. But before M heads off this am, I am going to try to remember to ask him if he knows. If not, I did find the video camera, and just maybe I will learn how to use YouTube. If only YouTube had been around when I was an aspiring television and film major. I spent a good while last night checking out the work of the students at my alma-mater. Too bad I can’t offer any of them a job…unless they want to babysit.
  • I need a pillow for my blogging chair. My back is killing me. Big comfy chairs were not actually designed for short people.
  • I hate Monday mornings. I have to go rally the troops for breakfast and school. Gah. I should have done afternoon pre-school.

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