Less optimistic

The butermilk whole-wheat bread is rising, I think. I am less optimistic about this loaf. I was a bit distracted as I was mixing it because I was simultaneously trying to get lunch on the table, so I have a niggling feeling that I left something out. And I definitely didn’t let the dough rest for five minutes after each half cup of flour I added.*

The dough didn’t feel as nice as it did yesterday when I was done kneading, but then again I was using stone ground whole wheat so the texture should have been different. I’m reserving judgment at this point.

M has made a special request for cinnamon swirl bread, so I will be skipping around the book yet again. Probably tomorrow, as Saturday is too crazed this week to even attempt a bread. I’ve never tried a swirl bread before, so it will be interesting to see how closely I can replicate the swirls he is drooling over when thinking about the Pepperidge Farm loaf from the grocery store.

*Phantom was very right when she said baking bread in this manner is not so conducive to life with small children…


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