Ahead of the game

I ordered my holiday cards tonight. Yeah for me! Of course, in my hurry to get them out the door I uploaded the wrong picture, and realized right after I hit the send button. The price to be paid for efficiency I suppose. Gah. I guess only I will know. Well, me and the many of you who I have addresses for…. Just think, the card could have been that.much.more.cuter.

Unlike last year, I won’t be posting the picture for all to see since I was able to get a picture with both kids smiling. It took 210 shots, but I did it. Oh, how I love thee digital camera. So you’ll have to take my word when I say I bought myself another year in the holiday card department. I have had two inspired years in a row, and apparently now people are waiting to see what I came up with this year. The pressure was huge, and I don’t think it was quite as fabulous, but it should suffice.

I am just so excited not to be rushing on December 22nd to get the cards out, that I could care less about the quality….


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