Hamsters are the ones that run round and round on little wheels, never getting anyplace, right? Or is the the guinea pig? I can never keep them straight. Well, whichever creature it is, that’s me right now, except instead of getting exercise on a wheel, I am moving from chair to couch and back again, trying to figure out which of the many holiday related tasks I need to tackle first. And so I am tackling none of them.

But today I DID clean the downstairs of the house. Vacuuming and mopping and the whole nine yards. And then when I walked into the house after taking the kids out to dinner (one shouldn’t have to clean AND cook in the same day in my opinion), I couldn’t figure out why it smelled so funny. I checked the furnace, the stove, and then realized it was the smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap. How sad is that that I didn’t recognize the smell of clean…

Anywho, back to my hamster habits. Do I keep knitting, knowing that I probably won’t finish the scarf by Sunday? Or do I instead turn to the holiday cards? Or do I wrap the presents that have to get shipped and dig around to find a big enough box to fit them all? Right now I have chosen to sit on the couch and watch a Charlie Brown Christmas on TV. Because that’s productive. But I really should be combining it with something. Like the holiday cards. But I don’t have stamps. Or M’s address list. So how far could I really get?

Did I mention the cookies I need to bake for the cookie exchange? And the ones for gifts for the teachers and such? Oh, and I need to plan a menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And figure out stocking stuffers. Because Christmas is all about the stockings in my opinion. Somehow I judge the success of the holiday on how much people like their stocking stuffers. I know. I know. But I LOVE stocking stuffers. I am sure I spend more on the stocking stuffers than the actual under the tree presents.

Maybe I should keep knitting. I can knit and watch Charlie Brown. But I need to throw the bread for playgroup tomorrow into the breadmaker….Wheel. Spin. Wheee….


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