The aftermath

Everyone is (almost) healthy again, except for a few raging sinus issues amongst the grownups, which may or may not warrant antibiotics, but who has time to see a doctor….It’s been rather chaotic around here, with all three sets of grandparents around for portions of the past few weeks. It has been wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but the kids are so hyped up by now that you look at them wrong and they fall to the floor a sobbing mess. Tuesday can’t come soon enough for everyone, I am quite sure.

My dad heads home this morning, and then it is the mad scramble to get ready for the New Years party. What, oh what was I thinking? And since the kids have been totally off their already virtually non-existent to begin with sleep schedules, I can only imagine how they will handle being up two plus hours past their bedtimes tonight. Or, rather, I wonder what kind of wrecks they will be tomorrow. I think I should stock up on videos now…

Other than mass chaos, things are find here. I’ve finished the last of the Christmas scarves, and have moved onto the baby gifts needed in the next few months. I’m a huge fan of knitting baby gifts I’ve decided, because they go so quickly. I also have a new favorite yarn (bought on sale at Webs), Jaeger Roma, for those of you who knit. Although when linking to it I just realized that it is a hand wash only yarn, which is an issue in the baby gift department. Gah. What to do, what to do. I swear when I bought it it was machine wash. Sigh.

Anyway, I probably won’t surface again until Monday or Tuesday, but I am working on the New Years resolutions, I promise. Wishing you and yours a happy New Year, and may you have a Rocking New Years eve.


I always knew I was important….

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It just ain’t a holiday without a fever

Yep. At least C managed to get all of the presents open before falling asleep to Curious George with a raging fever and no other symptoms. Why is it that my kids get the fever with nothing else? Is it just me? Do other children get raging fevers with no other symptoms? I mean not even a sniffle!

Today he woke up, came downstairs to say goodbye to Nana and Grandpa S, and then crawled back into bed for three hours. He seems perkier now, but the day is still young…

Christmas Bullets

  • The Dora the Explorer Magical Castle? Doesn’t come with furniture. Just so you know. Little People furniture works in a pinch, but it is a very, very short term solution at best.
  • Playmobil takes a very, very long time to put together. The instructions are not well written. And the parts? Very small. Very easily lost. It should really be done the night before.
  • If you ever need to dress up as, well, anything, come on over. We can outfit several preschool classes as princesses, ballerinas, knights, doctors, kings, spacemen, firemen, flappers, etc, etc etc.
  • We have sixteen pair of dress up shoes. And every. single. pair. is different. Who knew there were so many different dress up shoes out there?
  • My rolls? They came out very well, if I do say so myself.
  • M pulled off the turkey flawlessly. Clearly, the turkey issues are all mine.
  • I got two new bread books. And a gift certificate to the local yarn shop. I am a happy, happy woman.

More tomorrow, or perhaps the next day.

Happy Merry Christmas Fun

Wishing you and yours a merry happy Christmas, if you celebrate such things. The tree is up, the presents are almost wrapped, and the holiday gifts are (almost) all made.

Stay tuned, next week I get to see just how miserably I failed at my New Years resolutions this year, and then contemplate some new ones (or just revisit the old…).

The kindness of strangers

As I was strapping the kids into the car this morning, off to deliver the last batches of cookies, C’s eyes grew huge. “Mom! Look!” he whispered. “Just look!” I glanced across the street, and there getting out of a big red suburban was Santa. Santa hugged an elf, and told her to hurry up.

C stood transfixed in the driveway, blinking as fast as he could. “Mom! Get A out of the car so she can see Santa too!” She refused to leave my arms but waved a little wave and whispered”Hi Santa, Merry Christmas! Hi Santa, hi Santa.” Santa finally noticed the two of them and gave a cheerful wave and a booming “Merry Christmas!” The elf emerged from the house, and the two climbed into the car.

I turned to put the kids back into the car, and the C’s eyes got even wider. “Mom! Mom!” He couldn’t get anything else out. A gasped. And there, pulling into our driveway, was Santa. He climbed out of the car, patted the kids on the head, chatted with them about how good they had been, and then said he had to get going because he was headed to the hospital to see the kids who were sick. C shook his hand and wished him a Merry Christmas. Santa headed out, and a barrage of questions hit me all at once.

“Where were the reindeer? When did Santa learn to drive? How did he know that we were good? I forgot to ask him if he liked chocolate milk or soy milk!” As we went about our day, C told everyone we saw that we had seen Santa. But do you know how he told the story? He talked about how Santa was going to the hospital to see the sick kids. And how sad it would be to be so sick on Christmas that you had to stay in the hospital. And how he hoped that Santa was bringing the sick kids extra presents, so they might feel special.

The kindness of strangers, indeed.

Holiday baking by the numbers

Number of pounds of butter used: five

Number of pounds of all purpose flour used: 20

Number of cans of non-stick spray depleted: three

Number of cookies baked: 28 dozen (not including the failed batches)

Number of cookie sheets ruined: three

Number of cookies consumed by the chef: at least four dozen

Number of holiday spice breads baked:12

Number of times I wished for a stand mixer: four

Number of times I cursed the spirit of giving: hundreds

Number of goodies left to be delivered: four

Note to self: Holiday breads are MUCH easier than holiday cookies. And this recipe is particularly yummy.


Found: One rusty iron. Seven out of eight Christmas napkins. One black party shoe. A broken red candle. A Christmas gift for my sister bought five years ago. Twelve cookie tins. Several sheets of gift tags.

Still missing: Two rolls of wrapping paper. A bag of silver bows. A silver glitter pen.

Reward: Two cats who have traded their taste for mice in for a taste for cookies.


Missing: Several dozen cookie tins and two rolls of wrapping paper. A bag of silver bows. Several sheets of gift tags. And a silver glitter pen.

Reward: All the leftover holiday cookies you can eat.

Somehow, my stash of holiday wrapping supplies bought on sale last year got lost in the move. I have looked high and low at both houses, and they cannot be found. And do you know when they will show up? The day after Christmas, right after I repurchase it all on sale.

This is why I hate to move. I knew exactly where all of those items used to live before we moved. Sigh. I really want these cookies out of my kitchen and into other people’s homes…

An open letter of apology

To the 20+ patrons of our local post office:

I sincerely apologize for the agony that must have been your visit this afternoon. I thought that 2pm would be the best time to visit the post office with two small children in tow during the holiday season, clearly I was wrong. I know, I know, I should have mailed my packages last week. Or the week before. Or even yesterday when my son was at school. But I didn’t. And since you were all standing there too, clearly I was not the only one who had not planned ahead well. But I digress.

I apologize for the never-ending game of 20 questions that had many of you scratching your head looking for the “Round/Square/Green/Blue/High/Low” thing that didn’t actually exist. We are still working on the fundamentals of the game, including the fact that that the object actually has to be in view, and that it has to be real, not an item such as “A dragon split in two!”

I apologize for the temper tantrum that you were witness to when my son pushed his sister off of the chair they were sharing and lost his TV privileges for the day as a consequence, but I had been waiting for 30 minutes already, I was next in line, and I just. couldn’t. leave at that point.

I would like to extend a special apology to the woman who found herself attacked by a flying purple coat that had been deemed “too hot” and the man who found himself the center of a game of tag. I would also like to apologize to the postal workers who were serenaded through the mail slot to a very off-key rendition of “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.” And I would also like to thank the aforementioned postal workers for filling in the missing words. It resulted in a good thirty seconds of silence that was appreciated by all.

In closing, I am very very very very very very sorry. But Great-Grammy needed her pictures and calendar before Christmas Day. And Grandpa needed his new book to read during his glorious week off.

I wish you all the very best this holiday season, and solemnly swear to try and tackle the post office by myself next year.