Things that go bump in the night

It was not a good night for the worrier last night at Chez J-E. First there was the pitter patter of little feet ABOVE my head. Yes, the mice have moved from the playroom into the attic. Add to the list of errands for the day: buy Home Depot out of mouse traps. And buy some peanut butter. Apparently mice are not fans of soybean butter. I guess A isn’t going to be climbing up into the attic anytime soon, and I really want the mice GONE.

Then there was the crash from downstairs. Fearful that the cats had broken my favorite salad bowl that is doubling as a bread rising device at the moment, I raced down to discover that bowl was safe, but the advent tree my dad had made the kids with 48 tiny presents (24 for each child) tied onto the branches had toppled from the weight of 48 tiny presents and scattered over the rug of the living room.

After retying the presents back on to the tree and returning to bed, I head a thud in A’s room. And wail. She had fallen out of bed and of course missed the strategically placed pillows, landing headfirst onto the small corner of hardwood floor peaking out. So I spent the rest of the night lying in her bed serving both as a bed rail and a nursing attendant, waking her every so often to make sure there was no concussion. Because I worry about that kind of thing. (Rebecca and M are rolling their eyes right now. But I DO! So don’t laugh.) She was, of course, fine. And now spoiled by a night of mommy snuggles.

And M? Well, he woke for the thud and wail at least…


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