The Holidays by the Numbers

Number of hours of sleep I am averaging a night (despite an early gift of children who sleep past 5 am): 5

Number of times we have seen Santa so far: 3

Number of times I am asked “Is is Christmas yet?” per day: hundreds.

Number of cookies I need to bake before the cookie swap on Tuesday: 8 dozen

Number of cookies I have baked so far that are cookie swap presentable: 0

Number of cookies I have personally consumed: 2 dozen

Number of holiday cards completed: 50

Number of holiday cards to go: 50

Number of holiday card envelopes that were missing from my order: 50

Number of people left to shop for: 3 (I think)

Number of holiday presents that are still works in progress: 6

Number of presents left to wrap: almost all of them

Number of menus I need to plan: 4

Number of parties I am throwing: 1

Number of adults attending said party: 18 and counting

Number of children attending said party: 20 and counting

Number of invitees who have plans for New Years that do not involve a party at my house: 0

Number of babysitters who have an interest in entertaining the children in my playroom: 0

Number of hours left until January 2: way too many


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