Address book? Who needs an address book?

It says something about my organizational skills that in order to send out my holiday cards this year, I am still referring to the email my sister sent me TWO YEARS AGO with all of the relatives addresses. Hey, at least I didn’t delete the email in an email clean out binge, unlike some change of address emails that I have had to request duplicates of with my head hung in shame.

Oh, and Auntie M? If you are reading this I need a few more :-). For Auntie P and Auntie S and the boys…and Aunt A’s new address if you have it.



  1. I save my Christmas-card addresses in a file that prints out the envelopes for me.

    On a computer that just this week, right after I loaded some new very old kids’-game software my MIL gave us, DIED.

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