The aftermath

Everyone is (almost) healthy again, except for a few raging sinus issues amongst the grownups, which may or may not warrant antibiotics, but who has time to see a doctor….It’s been rather chaotic around here, with all three sets of grandparents around for portions of the past few weeks. It has been wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but the kids are so hyped up by now that you look at them wrong and they fall to the floor a sobbing mess. Tuesday can’t come soon enough for everyone, I am quite sure.

My dad heads home this morning, and then it is the mad scramble to get ready for the New Years party. What, oh what was I thinking? And since the kids have been totally off their already virtually non-existent to begin with sleep schedules, I can only imagine how they will handle being up two plus hours past their bedtimes tonight. Or, rather, I wonder what kind of wrecks they will be tomorrow. I think I should stock up on videos now…

Other than mass chaos, things are find here. I’ve finished the last of the Christmas scarves, and have moved onto the baby gifts needed in the next few months. I’m a huge fan of knitting baby gifts I’ve decided, because they go so quickly. I also have a new favorite yarn (bought on sale at Webs), Jaeger Roma, for those of you who knit. Although when linking to it I just realized that it is a hand wash only yarn, which is an issue in the baby gift department. Gah. What to do, what to do. I swear when I bought it it was machine wash. Sigh.

Anyway, I probably won’t surface again until Monday or Tuesday, but I am working on the New Years resolutions, I promise. Wishing you and yours a happy New Year, and may you have a Rocking New Years eve.


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