Questions and more questions

Today is supposedly the first day back to school for C. But I am still in my pajamas, and so are the kids, and it is not because preschool is closed for the national day of mourning. No, C’s fever came back yesterday morning, and he literally spent the day in bed. Sigh.

Besides the “what REALLY constitutes a fever” thing, this raises an interesting dilemma, the mommy disclosure. Do I call every parent at the party and inform them that my son has a random fever and no other symptoms? I mean, if he had something requiring antibiotics, sure, I would call. But random viral something or other? Not so sure. And the whole “fever free for 24 hours” thing, is a fever of 99.5 at 7am REALLY a fever worthy of keeping him home again tomorrow, assuming it doesn’t get any higher by tonight? And can I take him out in the world, say to the yarn store to replace the non-washable baby yarn? Or to Target to get tissues for the sinus impaired in the house? Inquiring minds want to know these things.


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