I is for iPod

Yesterday was visitation day at C’s preschool. All the mommies (no daddies this year) came and sat behind their child for an hour and got to “see first hand” what a day in the classroom was like. Never mind the fact that 99% of the kids were attached to their parents’ sides like flies to glue traps (except of course C, who insisted that he sits on the letter K and as the letter K was against the wall there wasn’t room for me so I should just stand by the door).

The class is working on the letter “i” and each child was asked to come up with a word that began with “i.” “I” is for ice cream was a popular answer, as was “i is for iron. Apparently there are mommies in the US who iron too, Rebecca. One girl, whose parent was not in attendance, jumped up and down and screamed “i is for iPod!” The teacher applauded her, and then asked if her mom or dad had an iPod. “Oh, yes, but mine is PINK!” she replied. “Theirs is just boring white.” A four year old. With her own iPod. I sure hope they got accident protection insurance with that.


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