Princesses do it better

One of the posts languishing on my dashboard discusses my ambivalence towards A’s discovery of the world of princesses and fairies. Maybe I’ll finish it one of these days, and maybe I won’t but for now I’ll share this.

This morning, her posse of girl friends came over while the older siblings were at school. These are the girls responsible for the introduction of all things princess into our lives, and when they come over they arrive in full princess regalia and spend their time twirling and granting wishes. Today was no exception.

About half an hour into the playdate, A arrived with a princess dress and the highest pink heels in her dress up wardrobe in tow, requesting assistance in snapping the dress. As I was helping her, one of the other mommies asked “What kind of princess are you today A?”

A looked her up and down and then very seriously replied, “I’m not just a princess, I am a doctor. A VERY GOOD doctor. I just like to wear my gown to work. Because why shouldn’t I?”

Somehow, the whole princess thing doesn’t bother me quite as much anymore.


Note to the school administrators

Just because there are five snow days built into the schedule and it hasn’t snowed all winter does not mean that you can just cancel school after a week off to use them up. I mean, the roads are BLACKTOP folks. The plow came through once at 6 am and the roads were cleaner than they were four days after the last “storm.”

On the upside, it only took me an hour to shovel out, and I am so totally counting that as a cardio workout.

Blame it on M

The reason why winter weather is on its way to the tri-state area? The reason I can almost guarantee we will be getting the 7+ inches of snow the weather folks are hyping? The reason why there will be no fricking school and I will have to deal with the phone chain headache again? It is because M is on his way to sunny and warm climates for the week. He has successfully missed EVERY SINGLE STORM since we moved from the city. Every one.

I deserve some sort of hardship pay. Or I want to move back to the city where shoveling is not. my. problem.

A (Not So) Lazy Afternoon

I am apparently living in an alternate universe right now, as both my children have been entertaining themselves for almost an hour straight. I have only had to step in twice, once to clean up a botched potty trip and once to insist that a few things get cleaned up before another activity began. I’m afraid to step away from the computer in case it disrupts the time-space continuum and I am suddenly required to play referee or entertainer or ….

See, I jinxed myself just by typing that, I started this post three hours ago. Sigh. But hey…at least the peace lasted for almost an hour, right?

Overheard on the way out the door

C: “Do we have to run any errands today?”

Chichimama: “Yes, and you need to behave better than you did yesterday.”

C: “What kind of errands are we running?”

Chichimama: “We just have to go to Trader Joe’s.”

C pauses and reflects for a few seconds, then responds: “OK, I can behave in Trader Joe’s.”

Picky Picky

Rebecca’s last post scared me. It never ever occurred to me that some day my kids might eat dinner at someone else’s house and the thought horrified me as all of their friends eat “real” food. You know, roast chicken, lasagna, tacos, rice and beans. And my children used to, they really did. But somehow over the last year they have moved from “adventurous eaters extraordinaire” (Empanadas? Bring em on. Sesame Thai tofu? You betcha.) to children who eat the same five or six foods day in and day out. Our list is fairly similar to Julia’s, except we do have chicken (nuggets only) and quiche. Sometimes tofu.

So, in a massive panic that C might soon be asked to dinner at someone’s house and my children’s lack of dinner repertoire might be found out, tonight I braved the introduction of a new food, “Pizza Chicken Nuggets.” Known to the rest of the world as Chicken Parmesan. As a side I served sweet potato “fries,” as the bane of Nana’s existence is that my children have lost their taste for sweet potato.

After the initial temper tantrums subsided, there was much interest in the concept of “Pizza Chicken Nuggets.” Everyone oohhed and ahhed when it arrived on their plates, and a few bites were even consumed. Following Susan’s advice, I studiously ignored their interest in the food, and occupied myself with cleaning under my fingernails. Which were astonishingly gross. I must remember to clean them on the days I manage to catch a shower….but I digress.

At the end of the meal, C had consumed all of his sweet potato fries and asked for more, and (maybe) a few bites of “Pizza Chicken.” A consumed one bite of “Pizza Chicken” and one bite of sweet potato fry. She deemed the chicken “Yummy” and the sweet potato fry “not so yummy.” Which kills me because the other day she ate my entire sweet potato off of my plate. It remains to be seen whether a sudden hunger develops right before bed, but I would consider this meal to be moderately successful. At least everyone tried something, and no one left the table upset.

Any suggestions regarding what I should try next? What would you serve a visiting child for dinner?


I’ve been neglecting my blog as of late (Hi, mom, we made it back from Florida just fine, no worries!). I don’t know why it is that I can’t quite commit to writing down the posts I have in my head. I think it is probably because I am a fundamentally lazy person. So, for example, on the plane ride back today, I composed several posts in my head, as my laptop was otherwise in use as a portable DVD player. But did I write them up when I got home? No, I did not. I did laundry, and went to Trader Joe’s, and watched American Idol. Because I couldn’t commit to writing about the problem with princesses or the amazing lack of parenting ability on display at an airport near you.

You should see my Blogger dashboard. Littered with half finished posts. The demise of the nap and the advent of the travel season has wreaked havoc on my ability to focus for more than a minute at a time. Plus, one can’t blog and knit at the same time, and I’ve sort of been on a knitting kick recently. Has anyone invented a really workable audio blogging device? Because I could chat your ear off while I knit…

Anyway, don’t mind me and my lack of content. One of these days I’ll commit to a blog post of consequence, or not…


Dumb Cat located? Check.

Arrived safely in Florida? Check.

Children well behaved on flight? Check, check.

All bags and belongings accounted for? Check.

Children thrilled to see grandparents? Check.

Grandparents thrilled to see children? Check.

Alligator in the backyard? Check.

Snake on the patio? Check.

Lizard in the bedroom? Check.

There is a reason why I refuse to live in Florida, much to my husband’s dismay. I like northern critters and creepy crawly things, thank you very much.

This whine is brought to you by the letters C and D

Why is it that Dumb Cat goes missing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we are about to go on vacation? Rebecca can attest, she has spent hours hunting for my cat while I have been off gallivanting around. Except unlike the other trips, which generally take place in the summer, this one is taking place when it is fricking cold outside, and icy and snowy and windy. And I am more concerned than usual. Because Dumb Cat is not a fan of the cold and icy and snow and wind. So that fact that it is 2:30am, and I am up, the lights are on and he is not home? Not good. AND, since Rebecca is, well, living in another country, she will not be around to hunt for the missing feline. Poor Lovely Friend, who I am quite sure is wishing she never met me right now, is going to get stuck with that job. Because for all my blustering, I will be rather upset if something happens to that cat.

And, it is supposed to be cold in Florida. Right up until the day after we leave. Whaaahhhh.

It’s a fricking roller coaster

Wheee! The deal is on, no it is off, no it is on but with a contingency, wait! But what about this!

As of right now, it is back on. But don’t expect to hear of it again until the keys are officially handed over. Because clearly, I am a major jinx factor in our lives.