Christmas in March

We have started clearing out the random stuff left at the old house in anticipation of the closing. In the back corner of the attic garage this morning I found a box of toys that has been packed up for almost a year. I also found the missing Scrabble game that M and I have been wondering about every Friday or Saturday night for a year as well, although clearly we never made it off the couch to actually LOOK for it.

When I brought the box into the playroom and opened it up, you would have thought I was the conquering hero. The TV went off and the kids descended upon the toys like they had never seen a toy before. M and I just sat there and shook our heads. “Who knew a bunch of broken matchbox cars and puzzles would be so exciting?” we muttered.

Clearly, there is actually something to this whole toy rotation thing…



  1. Blessed is he who may have found his work; allow him to ask few other blessedness.
    Well known holding period is forever.

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