The Great Outdoors

We have pretty much lived outdoors this week. It has been fabulous. Except that I kind of expected that the house would stay nice and clean, and it is just as trashed as it was prior to my frantic cleaning on Wednesday morning before seven perky women with housekeepers showed up unexpectedly to make sandwiches for C’s school picnic. Long story, suffice it to say my house was not clean and when they arrived I was still in my fuzzy bunny slippers because I had been so focused on making sure the kitchen was presentable that I forgot about myself…

Anywhoo, we walked to the library, C’s swim lessons, the park and downtown this week. And I forgot to sunblock the kids each and every time. But as Phantom pointed out, perhaps that is just as well. (As an aside what kind of sunblock do you use on your kids? Mine hate the easy spray on/no rub stuff, which is highly unfortunate in my opinion.) We ate lunch outside under the really gross and is so totally getting replaced this weekend umbrella, and then just hosed down the deck to get rid of the yogurt and popsicle drips. We planted some flowers in the deck flower boxes, which involved three trips to Home Depot (don’t ask), and got some herbs started.

I got very little knitting done, although I am almost finished with M’s birthday present (just ignore the fact that his birthday was over a week ago, I ran into some design issues). I did manage to stay on top of the laundry though. Which is no small feat since A insists on changing her outfit every. single. time. she uses the bathroom.

I have to say, I am looking forward to the end of school. C requested no camp or other activities this summer, although yesterday he decided that he did want to keep doing gymnastics once a week. And that thrills me beyond belief as A is now old enough to go into class by herself, and I can finally sit on the hard plastic chairs in the viewing area and knit for 45 minutes. I have grandiose plans of how we will spend our days, taking leisurely trips to exotic destinations like Whole Foods (which is too far to really visit on a regular basis during the school year) and lounging in the back yard or at the town pool. But if I were you, I would be setting up some sort of betting pool on how many days it is before I start complaining about all that family togetherness…


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