For Posterity

The kids have never been much for cute kidisms, but we have a few which we seem to be losing and I wanted to record them for posterity so I don’t forget.

One of my favorites is “mo-mo” for monitor (as in baby monitor). Before he went to bed each night, C used to ask “Mama mo-mo?” to make sure I had his monitor. When we finally stripped him of his monitor (not so long ago), it was rather traumatic for him. Tears for days, until he realized that this meant he was allowed to come downstairs and find us if he needed anything…

Another one of C’s was “O Nee Nee” for Old Navy. It was one of his first words, which should tell you how much time we spent there when he was going through a size every six weeks or so. I took the kids there for the first time in a long time the other day to try and find some non-stained tee shirts for myself, and called it “O Nee Nee.” C looked confused, and when I explained to him, he looked at me and informed me that he was no longer a baby and now called it Old Navy and so should I. So sad.

When C was an infant, I could never remember the words to any lulabys, so I made up the words. Or I changed some to make them less scary (M is rolling his eyes right now). The two that stuck with us but never get requested anymore unless someone is sick are “Lullaby” and “Rock-a-Bye.” I debated recording them for you to hear, and then decided that I wouldn’t torture anyone with my voice. Plus, I have no idea how to accomplish that technologically. So instead, you can hum along with the tune

Lullaby (To the tune of Brahm’s Lullaby)
Lullaby, and goodnight
Goodnight Baby C
Mommy loves you
Daddy loves you
Tomorrow we’ll have fun

When I was nursing the kids to sleep, I used to then chime in with second and third verses detailing our plans for the day…

We’ll go to the park
And play in the sand
We’ll go to playgroup
And see all our friends

Rock-a Bye I found too scary (what baby wants to think about falling out of a tree I ask you? NOT condusive to a good nights sleep) so I changed the words.

Rock-a-Bye Baby, Chez J-E VersionRockabye A, in the tree top
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.
If the bow breaks, the cradle might fall
But Mommy will catch you, cradle in all.

My changes apparently caused much confusion in preschool last year. The teachers finally stopped trying to have the kids sing it because C refused to acknowledge the correct wording.I am sure there are more that I might think of and I’ll add them on, but I probably waited too long to do this post and I’ll never remember them. Sigh.

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